TYCOON MTCH-BC / 130+FS Конго Tumba Тайкун

  • Производитель:  TYCOON
  • Доступность:  Нет в наличии

  • Вес (в упаковке): 19.90 кг
    Размер (упаковки): 48 см x 48 см x 80 см
  • 8858681909837
  • Код товара:  64048


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Tycoon’s latest release within its famed Master Series lineup is a re-imagination of an already successful model within our product line, the Signature Heritage Series congas
Constructed using a specially-formulated 3-layer shell with the two innermost layers made from Siam Oak for utmost strength and durability, and the outermost layer utilizing Russian Pine for its beautiful aesthetic qualities
Three steel bands surround each conga shell providing added stability and accentuating the traditional look and feel of this instrument
A unique finishing procedure is applied to this series of drums, including strategically “searing” the Russian Pine to deliberately create a faux rustic, raw texture with the surface cracks and bird’s eye figuring in this wood prominently accentuated by this unique searing process
30” tall with a wide belly to create rich, deep bass tones and pronounced slaps
Brushed Chrome hoops, reinforced side plates with 3/8” diameter tuning lugs
Die-cast handle with color matched hardware
Equipped with genuine premium, hand-picked water buffalo skin heads which produce rich, warm tones ideal for any playing situation
Available in 4 sizes – 10”, 11”, 11¾”, and 12½”
A matching single basket stand is included with each drum
Accessory pouch, tuning wrench, and lug lube included
Available add-ons: Wooden sound plate, carrying bags (deluxe or professional), and hardware protectors
Available option: Remo M7 Type Tucked Fiberskyn heads

TYCOON MTCH-BC-130+FS Конго Tumba, диаметр 12?”, серия Master Heritage, корпус Сиамский дуб

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Серия Master Heritage
Тип Товара Конго Tumba
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